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Pushmo™ World

Take a trip around the blocks on Wii U

There's trouble in Pushmo Park! A mischevious trickster is trapping children inside Papa Blox's puzzling playgrounds, and it's up to Mallo to save the day.
Explore the multi-layered world of Pushmo and share your own creations as the innovative 3D puzzle series expands to the Wii U.

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Pull, push, and climb your way to the top.

Pushmos are ingenious puzzle structures that slide in and out so you can guide Mallo to the top. He needs to rescue kids that are stuck up there. Sounds simple, right? It isn't.

Keep thinking a few moves ahead to make sure Mallo always has somewhere to climb. You'll probably mess up again and again. But don't worry! Just step on the reset switch to start over.

  • Pull-out puzzles


    Pushmo puzzles can be pulled out and pushed in to create a path to trapped children.

  • Hop to the top


    Use sections of a puzzle as platforms. Keep moving sections in and out so you have somewhere to jump.

  • Insider platforming


    Travel the easy way! You can get to tricky spots by popping in and out of handy portals.

  • Rescue mission


    Reaching the top can be a challenge, but it’ll all be worth it when you free the adorable little moppet who was trapped.



Papa Blox is the master Pushmo maker, but there's a challenger waiting in the wings. That's you.

Solving puzzles is a blast, but there's nothing more satisfying than finishing your own amazing Pushmo.


Studio Time

Pushmo Studio is the place for creating your own cool-looking puzzles. Put on your inventor's cap, then design and test your own intricate Pushmos.


Building blocks

Got an idea for an interesting theme puzzle? Use the simple but powerful tools to turn it into reality.


Did you make something? Show it off at the World Pushmo Fair!

There are 250 brand-new puzzles to solve in Pushmo World, and fans like you from around the globe can create countless more and share them online at the World Pushmo Fair.

  • World Pushmo Fair


    It's a special feature that integrates Miiverse™ and lets you share puzzles within the game.

  • Fresh puzzles


    Check the fair every day. There's always a new puzzle to try.

  • Send by code


    If you want to take your Pushmo on the road, you can generate a QR Code® and scan it with a Nintendo 3DS system*.


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